Tuesday, March 14, 2017


WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED!  I ONLY HAVE 2 WEEKS LEFT!  SO WEIRD! This week was awesome, here are the highlights:

2 Exchanges- We went on TWO exchanges this week. and. I'm. so. tired.
Interviews- We had interviews with President this week and he talked with me about missionary work the WHOLE time  (#bestalmostlastinterviewever)!  Literally at the end he was like, "well we will miss you when you leave" and that was IT.  I wasn’t even trunky H.A.L.L.E.L.U.J.U.A. 

Zone Conference- We also had zone conference and we received instruction that we need to work more with the youth.  They told us that our focus should be on them and helping them and their friends come into the church.  It was really cool.

Dylan-  From week one when I got here there is a name in the area book that has always stood out to me.  His name is Dylan and he lives in an apartment complex but nobody wrote down his apartment number.  So because this name stuck out to me so much, one day I decided we were going to knock every door in the complex.  Nobody knew who he was and so we kind of left it at that.  But I NEVER took the teaching record out of the area book (which is so unlike me, I always throw unhelpful things away).  At church this week a lady came up to us and asked if we were seeing him.  She said she had the impression that she needed to talk to us about him, and she told us that Brother Kirk went with the missionaries to see him. So we talked to Brother Kirk and he agreed to come with us that night so that we could find him.  He is 11 and he wanted to be baptized but his mom flipped out the DAY of his baptism.  When we visited him, his oldest brother answered the door and was TOTALLY interested too.  He and Brother Kirk became best buds and all of the sudden both of them wanted a church tour and wanted to come to church with us.  He said his mom would be okay with it if he went with Dylan.  AHHHHH!!!  Member missionaries are INCREDIBLE!  I think that was the missing piece to us reuniting with Dylan!!

Miley- This week when we saw Miley we taught about Sabbath Day observance.  In the middle of the lesson she cries out, "I WANT TO BE BAPTIZED SO BAD, I'LL DO ANYTHING TO BE BAPTIZED".  Needless to say we set a date in April (dang it I won't be there) and we talked the rest of the time about the Law of Chastity and The Word of Wisdom, two of Satan's favorite sins.

My time is winding down yet it is going so fast here and I continue to be so busy!

Love you all!

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