Friday, March 24, 2017

Thank You SISTER WEBB for you service!!

Dear Jessica,

As your mission is drawing to a close, many of us who love you are reflecting on the last 18 months and the personal feelings, experiences and testimony you have shared with all of us.  We are better disciples of Christ because of your letters and great faith!  We have experienced a desire to serve others in meaningful ways, look for missionary opportunities all around us, see all those around us as our brothers and sisters, and had a desire to strengthen our relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.  THANK YOU for being open, honest, real, full of faith, and for working and giving all you have to the people of Long Beach, California!  We love you so much!



  1. Jessica, we are so proud of you. You were the first little grandchild that we held and looked into your eyes. We wondered, what does the future hold for this little sweetheart. Your determination and dedication, and the strong way you served and finished your mission is in stark contrast to our memory of your day number three in the mission field. Glad you agreed to 2 months. But I think you got in the saddle in a week and never looked back. We couldn't be more proud of you and the way you served. We love you, Grandpa David and Grandma Judy

  2. Can you believe all of the things that you have been through on your mission? I still remember your first "influential" conversion in Singapore when you bore your testimony to Michelle(from China) You had a big testimony then and I can only imagine how it has grown since that time! You have a bright beautiful future ahead of you! May you take this whole experience and savour every little morsel of truth and light for the rest of your life. You will be forever changed and blessed for this service to the Lord! Love, Danielle Lesser

  3. Jessica, you have been such a blessing to our family. Your experiences have inspired us and increased our faith. Thank you for your example! We love you so much and are so excited to see you again! Love, Annie

  4. Jessica-What a gift you have given to the people of Long Beach, California! The countless hours, prayers, miles, steps, study hours and much more show the devotion you have given to the Savior as a missionary. Way to go, girl! It is not selfish to be glad that you also gave a gift to yourself. You will treasure what you have just completed as a gift that you will carry with you in your heart the rest of your life. Congratulations on every good thing and our best wishes for a wonderful and exciting next chapter of your life!!

    Love, The Twede Family

  5. Jessica,
    It has been a pleasure to read your updates and feel a part of your journey with those you served in California. Thank you for your example of faith, testimony, service and love of God. I have no doubt you changed lives both in California and also anywhere your messages were being read on a weekly basis. Congratulations on a successful mission and welcome home!
    Jessica Gordon