Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Last Week Out . . .

SOOOOO, this week was a mix of many feelings! 

1- Jenny- So JENNY.  This week was interesting.  We got a call from Jenny saying that she needed to talk to us on Thursday.  We scheduled an appointment for Friday.  Friday was exchanges and it was the longest day of my life.  I was exhausted, and when we pulled up to Jenny's house I didn't know what to do because we didn't actually know if she was home (she hadn't contacted us) and it was getting late... So we decided to knock on the door anyway instead of just finishing the night and going home (miracle #1). Well, we walk in the door and the house was PACKED.  There were people bouncing off the walls and all of them wanted to talk to us.  In my head I was thinking "Oh crap, there goes this lesson".  We sat down and talked for a second, and then I summoned EVERY bit of courage I had and asked everyone if they would leave so we could speak to Jenny alone... and I never do stuff like that (miracle #2).  Jenny then COMPLETELY opened up to us and told us all of her concerns and worries with the church and herself.  We had an incredible discussion.  The Spirit had filled the room and near the end we asked Jenny to pray.  I have never in my life heard someone offer a more sincere prayer.  I started crying and so did Jenny and my companion. With an abundance of the Spirit, Jenny finished the prayer and looked up she said, "I'm ready".  The tears just flowed.  (miracle #3).  We scheduled the interview for the next day and she told her girls about her decision.  Even though they weren't members (except for Rebecca) they were SO excited (miracle #4).  She passed her interview with FLYING colors (miracles #5) and she went home to tell her husband who is less active that she was ready.  Needless to say, he flipped out about tithing and a number of other things.  Jenny had received an undeniable witness that this church was true and she was devastated that she couldn't be baptized because she couldn't pay tithing.  We were depressed too.  We told President Parker and he was sad about it.  On Sunday night we received a call from him though, saying that he had talked to our mission president.  Our Mission President said that if she was completely ready to be baptized (which she undoubtedly is) she could be baptized and work with her husband to eventually pay tithing. (miracle #6)  We told Jenny last night and we are not sure what is going to happen. She was so excited and we are excited to see what happens.  She might be baptized this weekend, but she might still want more time. It was an incredible experience though and it definitely changed my life.

2- Jason also might be baptized, but he had a really hard weekend . . . so we'll see what happens.

3- Long (our new investigator’s name)- On exchanges I was trying to teach the Sister I was with about prayers, and how effective prayers can be.  So we prayed to find a new investigator and we prayed to know what to look for.  We both felt it would be an Asian male who was tall, skinny and athletic.   When I opened my eyes from the prayer there was a large, bald Asian man walking down the street and the Spirit said "Go talk to that guy".  I was thinking "Well God, the only part of the description that fits that guy is Asian but whatever you say I'll do..." So we hopped out of the car and went to talk to him. He wasn't interested but we moved along, talking to everyone and to potentials.  When we were starting to go back to the car a skinny athletic little Vietnamese boy was walking towards us.  He was the new investigator!!   AND the bald guy was his dad! :)

4- Pants- I know this sounds stupid but I prayed that I would find pants.  I don't really have a pair of pants that I like or love and I wanted a pair of pants before I went home.  So I prayed for it.  I told my companion what I was looking for and she was like "okay we'll hunt on p-day".  Well, we didn't have to.  Sister Kirk, a member in our ward, owns an online clothing store and she gave me some pants as a going away gift and then she gave Sister Allen a new dress for her birthday!  She had exactly the pants I was looking for :)

 I KNOW that this is God’s church. I KNOW HE KNOWS YOU!  He hears your prayers and He loves you more than anything in the world.  He WANTS you to succeed and if you rely on Him always you will . . . In one way or another.  I love you all, see you next week!

Love, Jekkers

Sister Allen's birthday celebration!

Party and games for Sister Allen on her birthday (which was our P-day)

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