Monday, March 6, 2017

Crazy Week Full of Twists and Turns

Okay people... this week was nuts and I mean REALLY nuts so HOLD ON....
1) Car Accident- I got in my VERY FIRST car accident and it was a p.a.r.t.y.  It wasn't that bad and I know we were blessed.  So we were in the left turning lane and a big black SUV was turning right from the street we were supposed to turn into.  Well she was an idiot and pulled out to turn right in oncoming traffic.  She was T-boned and swung around and hit the back of our car! Only one person was wheeled away on a gurney (and it wasn't me or my comp) and even she seemed like she only went on the gurney because she was so shaken up. 

2)  A new investigator! -  So this week we planned to go see a former investigator and we knock on the door and Amanda comes out.  She told us she wants to learn about Mormons so we go in and start talking to her.  She is amazing!  She lives with less active members (who were not on the ward list- we found them too, and they want to come back to church) and they have been preparing her for the church.  She told me that she had a DREAM about a girl that looks like me.  She said I was dressed in white and I came with angels and I took her hand and started leading her.  The same night we found her. we brought priesthood holders to give her a blessing and the next day we taught her the restoration in the morning and took her on a church tour in the afternoon. It was an amazing experience. She was at church this week along with the less active family.

3) I ate wheat this week accidentally and threw up. BUT this is really really interesting- not only did I throw up after the lesson with Jason- but before I was about to throw up I started thinking about joy and happiness. I wondered if it would be possible to find joy even when you are sick.  So I was hunched over the toilet thinking about joy and right before I threw up I started laughing thinking I was SUCH AN IDIOT for trying to find the good things about getting sick :)  So I guess you can find joy when you are sick too.

4) Jenny- I had the impression to set a date with Jenny, and when we knocked on the door that evening, she was home alone, so we got to talk to her privately.  It was an amazing experience. She wants to be baptized but she is so scared.  We talked a lot about it and set a tentative date that she wants to keep quite for now.  It will be interesting to see if it actually works out, but either way, now she has the option.  I really love her.

5) Jason- we were worried that the Word of Wisdome would prevent Jason from being baptized and GUESS WHAT- he already obeys the entire word of wisdom except for tea!  So he is going to be baptized not this weekend but next! He loves our church and he is super excited to be a member.  I don't think I have ever met anyone so golden in my life.

6) Fireside - This week we had a fireside that the stake coordinated and it was all about missionary work.  We had Jenny and Jason there and they loved it.  At the end, the missionaries sang the medley, Armies of Helaman/Sisters in Zion.  It was really amazing and the Spirit was so strong.  President and his whole family were there.  Definitely a mission highlight for me!

7) Sunday I show up to church and Lurene and Sister Pugeda were there from La Mirada.  Lurene was the first person I met off the plane from Utah and the first baptism I had.  It was SO COOL!  We also had like 4 investigators and church and I was able to share my testimony during sacrament meeting with my companion.  It was fun.  I actually like sharing my testimony.  I hope Lurene gets to go to the temple before I leave.  I want to go with them.

So here is the "Sister Webb #1 (Mandy's #2) revelation" for this week.  I was reading this morning in John when Christ is in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The guards walked up to the Savior and said, "Whom seek ye?".   The guards replied "Jesus" and Jesus responds, "I AM HE".  He had the opportunity to not allow his identity to be recognized.  He could have run from false accusations, He could have avoided crucifixion, He could have walked away and lived to be 95!  But he didn’t - he turned himself in on false charges and accusations. He handed himself over.  He said, "I AM HE".  When we are accused of wrong things, when we are asked to proclaim our religion, when we are asked to stand alone, when others are seeking to destroy us . . . do we have the courage to say, "Yes, you are looking for me".  When our standards are compromised, when we have few places to run, when we don't like God’s timing, when we are afraid, lonely, rejected and so many other things, how do we stand and what do we stand for?  Not only should we stand but we should be willing to face pure rejection and even false accusation to be advocates of Christ. There is no buttering up, beating around the bush, or being nice about some principles of the gospel.  They simply are what they are.  We can choose to take it or leave it.

Anywhoooo- LOVE YOU!! Have a good week!

So happy to see Lurene on Sunday, who showed up to surprise me!  

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